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Featured Modeler:
Bob Handy

About Bob

Robert is slowing down a bit these days but he still builds models and his main passion is still shays.  Although most of his modeling has been in 1:24 and 1:48 scales, his dream is to mass produce the Lima 32 ton special in 1:20.3 scale.

Bob doesn’t have a computer so he has asked to have his phone and address listed so those that want can contact him.

Robert Handy

P.O. Box 9423

Reno, NV  89507

(775) 324-5436


“Presently, I will say that I do make mistakes and will scrap models from time to time.  That is usually do to bad measurements and sloppy work.  The problem with this sort of modeling is that most all plans have been destroyed or are not available ... so I have been forced to work off photographs and estimates.  This sometimes works until I find information that makes the job easier.

“Most of the things I do I intend to have on my own road; so I fabricate to a point that I can compare it to the Shays for size and looks.  I use the 32 ton Special from Lima/Shay for the comparison.  That particular locomotive was the tonnage sold most by Lima for standard and narrow gauge.  It was the transition locomotive.  More 32 ton locomotives were built than all others combined according to the Lima/Shay records.”

Among Bob’s many accomplishments, he especially likes building Lima shays.  His favorite shay is the 32 ton special.  This shay had movable wheels to fit multiple gauges.  In its day, this shay was run on both 3 ft and standard gauge track.  It could be jacked up, the wheels moved, and then set down on different gauge rails.  Bob’s models of this shay also have movable wheels for running on gauges from 1.5 in through 2.5 in.


In Bob’s Words

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